This is me when I was about twelve:

When I was grown up I wrote several books about children’s literature. I enjoyed doing that, but as soon as I had the time I started to write stories for children.

While I was writing Paradise Barn I had the idea for the next one. And as I wrote The Deeping Secrets the next story began to take shape in my head. My books were turning into a series.


I like sausages, baked beans, steak and kidney, and chocolate (not all at the same time). And potatoes, in all their many cooked forms.

I like walking, and cats. You can’t usually combine these two activities, but I did once have a cat who came on walks with me. After about a mile, he always got tired and had to be carried home.

I have a tortoise. I found him in a wood nearly fifty years ago. My wife named him Houdini because he is very good at escaping.

And this is me now:

You can just see Abigail, Molly and Adam on the covers of the books. And you can also see three of my granddaughters (Florence, Lydia and Connie) in a group photo in the bottom left-hand corner.